STT Ligament of the Wrist – 3D MR Imaging

The scapho-trapezial-trapezoid (STT) joint is a common source of radial wrist pain. Osteoarthritis of the STT joint is very frequent. The ligament complex stabilizing the STT joint almost never receives attention at imaging. It has been anecdotically described that...

ECR 2021 Online

Follow ECR 2021 - Online - More than 60 Refresher Courses and Master Classes organised by the ECR Scientific Subcommittees will be made available, focusing on refreshing knowledge and providing you with updates on the newest developments in your subspecialty. These...

SpA vs Pregnancy? Imaging of sacroiliac joints – Impact of Pregnancy on Bone Marrow Edema and Sclerosis

It has been shown that pregnancy can cause  sclerosis at the SIJs in the  postpartum period (≥ 2 years after childbirth), whereas pregnancy-/birth-related BME along the SIJ seems to vanish after the first postpartum year. This study by Christoph Germann published in...

Glossary of terms for musculoskeletal radiology – Open Access

Glossary of terms for musculoskeletal radiology William Palmer, Laura Bancroft, Fiona Bonar, Jung-Ah Choi, Anne Cotten, James F. Griffith, Philip Robinson & Christian W.A. Pfirrmann Published in Skeletal Radiology (2020) Members of the International Skeletal...

MARS MRI is sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of periprosthetic hip joint infection (PJI)

MARS MRI is sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of periprosthetic hip joint infection (PJI) – new study published in the journal Radiology. Julien Galley, Reto Sutter, Christoph Stern, Lukas Filli, Stefan Rahm, Christian W. A. Pfirrmann ...

The Passion for Musculoskeletal Radiology

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