The Accessory Iliotibial Band-Meniscal Ligament of the Knee: Association With Lesions of the Lateral Meniscus.
Paper by Stefan Zimmermann MD published in AJR

The anchoring of the medial meniscus is consistent, whereas the attachment of the lateral meniscus is variable. On routine MRI examinations, we analyzed the prevalence of a distinct fibrous connection between the anterolateral aspect of the lateral meniscus and the iliotibial band-which we have termed the „accessory iliotibial band-meniscal ligament“ or „AIML“-and investigated an association between lesions of the lateral meniscus and the presence of an AIML. The AIML represents an anatomic variant of fixation of the lateral meniscus that is strongly associated with lesions of the lateral meniscus and Hoffa edema.

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